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Girls are scammers ! Please share

Good afternoon Joro. I will report this matter to Police and Efcc. I have her mothers shop address. So I mistakenly transferred 250k to this girl. She came to stay in my place on Wednesday.

I was meant to send 25k . I made a mistake. She called me and said baby I love you. I told her it was a mistake. She was silent on phone. Joro her phone has been off and she is unavailable every where.

She block me on IG. I use my flat mates phone to check her IG. Joro this girl was at eko Atlantic yesterday snapping pix with plenty food and friends. Why are girls like this ?

This is someone I thought was a wife material. Her best friend is follower here. I don't want social media drama. She will see this. I want my money back complete. Or else you will feel heat like hell fire. Confirm.

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