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My boyfriend's younger sister's friend wants to spend the night with him.

Good evening joro and God bless you. There's this question I'm not certain about and I'd like the house to please help me out with it. 

Joro please post immediately please I beg you. I met my boyfriend on this page and we've been dating for one month and some weeks now,he told me yesterday that his sister's friend (female) who is MARRIED and based in Ibadan wants to come and spend the night in his house because she can't stay alone in the house since HER HUSBAND has traveled (I stay alone in a compound where armed robers bursted while I was home, yet I didn't run any where) I tried to be calm about it and unfortunately she couldn't make it down because of the rain. 

He didn't tell me that she'll be coming today,) just heard him describing how shell take bike for her. The lady later followed us to his house because I'm spending the night there also. I made us food but she refused to eat,saying she already had pop corn in the car. 

My boyfriend didn't introduce me to her neither she to me. She came to charge her phone in the sitting room where my boyfriend wants to sleep so I helped her take her phone into the room to charge,after some minutes she brought back the phone and bent down beside him that she wants to charge again. 

I told my guy that I'm not cool with her wearing such skimpy and revealing outfit in the house as if she's with her husband, my boyfriend has being saying that there's nothing between them that her FIANCE is not around that's why she wants to spend time with him but seriously it makes no sense to me at all and I'm not okay with such but he's still saying there's nothing between them please ladies in the house is this normal and guys please be sincere because I'm not just fine with such. 

Joro nation am I over reacting or what?



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