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Sex before marriage has ruined me

Joro please help The Bible was 100% correct for being against pre-marital sex, I love my gf too much I'm in tears typing this. We've been dating for a couple of years and it's heading towards marriage but I just can't get a good enough erection around her anymore.

Sex that we must have had over 800times suddenly seems like a herculean task. Her ex was a jobless uncircumcised philistine with a low ambition that imbibed in her that sex is life (no hate, bro was bigger).

But initially she was OK with my size, endurance and pace but that feeling where every love making is like an exam with the ex holding the marking script is depressing as fuck. Went to the doctor and absolutely nothing is wrong with me, decided to try another chick and my game was still Mist (I never cheated b4).

Worst is her attitude now towards it, I'm just fed up. A whole former champ like me, I guess I just don't want that too much sex urge and cravings in a wife. What do I do please? I can't be talking stimulants for the rest of my life na, I hate those shits

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