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An&l issue- I can not come via pu××y

Oga Joro, Abeg post- more shoes to your wardrobe and better endorsement.- plz hide my info cos my girl follows ya. Bros, I'm dating an amazing lady with good s3x and all. So suddenly I started smashing this other lady who loves an8l.
She gifted me an8l and it was mad A kAft. My first experience sha. Each time we do the an*l, she experiences multiple Org**m and it is lit.
Now, I can no longer cum while doing the main hole. It is affecting my sex with my girlfriend as I hardly c*m. I cannot ask her for an*l. But this other lady is willing to give me without asking.

I love my girl and want to marry her. I've tried leaving the other lady but I keep going back. Now she wants me to date her.
How can I overcome this and keep loving my woman the way I've always done bros joro? I even started thinking about sleeping with guys who are into gay stuff.

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