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How I was s4xually damaged as a young boy

Good day joro, more insights on your dealings. Please kindly keep me anonymous. When I was a kid between the ages of 3-6 I experienced what no child should ever experience. I can't remember much but I still have snippets of those memories.

It all started when my parents got a house maid called Idoroyen, (an akwa-ibom) girl, when everyone was at work and my elder siblings in school, because I was younger I use to be back home before my brothers.

This heartless btch will undress herself and tell me to suck her private part (i can still perceive that annoying smell) and thereafter hold my penis (very small thing) and wank it because she wanted it erect until I start feeling so much abdominal pain.

My cries didn't stop her, rather she gave me beatings if I couldn't get it erect. This happened even as I tried to tell my parents, they were not sensitive enough. I would want to complain to my mum when she gets back but the witch maid always knew where I was going, and I always got serious threats and even beatings. If I complained about the beatings my parents just tell me to obey her, I can't even talk about my dad, he was always busy and any slight "disturbance" and he'll bark at us then. This continued until she left my house, I don't know if my brothers knew about this and we really haven't spoken about it as grown ups but I feel they knew but were powerless to her evils.

Soon after this house maid left, a distant family cousin (very elderly) came to stay with us and that is when my sexual life took a general routine. First she would force me but with time I started enjoying it. Right now I'm not a sex freak or so damaged but the memories bring me tears about the humiliation and torture I endured under my father's roof.

Parents are concentrating about the girl child forgetting that a damaged boy child is a continuous danger to the society. I know I'll see those ladies one day and I'll make them pay for it, I'll beat them and the stupid men who were unfortunate enough to marry them.

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