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How To Save Another Soul From a Man’s Drowning Waters

The hardest breakup I’ve ever handled was with Abeku. It hit me like a thunderbolt when one of his friends told me, “I think it’s better you know the truth and make a decision for yourself than to fall for this false hope my friend is giving you. He’s married for almost two years now. Her wife is not here because she’s doing a course in the Netherland.”
I didn’t want to believe it. He showed me wedding photos and even videos he took on his phone when he was exchanging vows with his wife. I thought I’d found myself a man who was going to be my husband. I had dated him for close to a year and he called me ‘Wifee.’

When I confronted him, his only excuse was, “I thought you would say no if you knew I was married.” Such selfishness!

It was difficult afterward but I sailed through. I nursed my pain with a lot of pride knowing I did nothing wrong. My only sin was believing in a wicked man’s lie. Life goes on.
One evening I was waiting for my friends at the mall. I was there earlier than scheduled so I thought I should wait a while in the car and listen to some music instead of going inside the mall to stare at passers-by. Not too long after, this sleek Benz came to park next to my car. Seconds later, a man came out.

I looked at him. I looked at him very well because he was my kind of man. Well dressed and had this kind of confident aura around him but immediately I spotted the wedding ring on his finger, everything in me died. He took several steps towards the mall entrance and then stopped abruptly.
He walked back towards his car, entered and some few seconds later came out. He started going towards the mall again. I don’t know why but I kept tracking his movement. My eyes got to his finger again and this time around, there was no ring.  “Hmm, the ring is gone. This man is up to no good. Why would he come back only to remove his ring?” I thought to myself.

I turned off my engine and started walking behind him to the mall. He was talking on his phone all the while. I guessed he was asking his date where she was seated. I did follow behind him until he got to a seat where this beautifully dressed lady was waiting for him. They both hugged, laughed and then hugged again.

I took a seat about a couple of meters away from them and kept watching what was going on. I wanted to be sure of what was happening. I’m a woman and I know how a woman behaves around a man she’s dating.
Her closeness, ease, and comfort plus the way she incessantly touched the guy gave everything away. She was his girlfriend—his victim so to say.

My friends call me a drama queen but I wasn’t going to allow my love for drama spoil other people’s night but also I knew God sent me right to that point because he knew I could save another soul from a man’s drowning waters. It was God’s doing and I had to respond and I did.

I got off my seat and approached their table. I wore this wide grin and looked at the man’s face and asked, “Hello, nice meeting you and sorry to interrupt but can I have a word with her?” He smiled back, looked at the lady’s face, sensing how lost she was, he said, “I hope there’s no problem.” I said, “Noooo not at all. She’s someone I know but it’s going to be a long introduction before she remembers me so I better excuse you” Then both of them started laughing.
The girl followed me on the side and I broke the news to her; “See, I don’t know you anywhere but a drama just unfolded in front of my eyes and I thought you should know. The guy in front of you is married. He parked his car next to mine and came out wearing a wedding ring. He went back in and came back without the ring. I followed him here and lo and behold he was coming to meet you.”
She was stunned. “Are you sure about what you are saying?” She asked. “I’m so sure of what I saw. I can even take you to his car.” She couldn’t stay still. Like something was burning in her chest. That same feeling I had when Abeiku’s friend told me about Abeiku’s marriage. She was jumpy and started talking plenty. “I don’t know if I should believe you or not but I’ll find out. We’ve been dating for four months now, I’m not saying he’s a saint but I find it hard to believe you.”

I didn’t want to talk too much. I wanted her to be smart and find out herself. She requested my number and I gave it to her.

I didn’t return to my table because my friends called that they were in. When I met them, I narrated the whole incidence to them and they were hyped. They wanted to know if the girl found out or not so we went to where they were seated and didn’t find them. Night cut short.
Two weeks after the incidence, I had a call and the voice just said; “Thank you for saving me. It could have been worse but for your timely information.” I knew it was her. I asked her, “Were you able to find out?”

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She responded, “Yeah, that evening when you told me I couldn’t handle the situation very well so he got angry and drove off. Three days later he called to apologize and questioned why I could believe a stranger’s story but it was too late. I’d gathered all the information that confirmed he was married. The sad thing is, his marriage is only seven months old. That means we started dating when his marriage was only three months old.”
Selfish men! Greedy men! They want everything else for themselves even when they have the best in their pocket. Today, that stranger I met at the mall is a sister. She’d become a part and parcel of the clique. As I write this, she’s comfortably lying in a sofa watching a movie and running commentary. If only she knew I was writing her story…

—Akos, Ghana


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