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Is it a crime to be a virgin? I'm confused

Good day Joro, May God continue to bless you. I'm just pained. Is sex truly the bedrock of a relationship? Can a relationship truly not stand without sex? My new boyfriend just broke up with me because I refused sex.

If you say you love me, would waiting till we get married kill? I'm feeling hurt. Is this how I will keep going in and out of relationships because I don't want to have sex yet.

I need advice. I really don't want to fornicate. I just lost someone that truly loved me. I could feel it. But I just couldn't bring myself to break my virginity yet. I don't even demand for anything.

I'm a graduate also working, would I find love/husband so? I'm hurt and confused. Please those of you that got married as virgins, how did you do it.

My mom sends pictures to my boyfriend of herself in bra


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