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There are Maids of Honor and There are Maids Who Dishonor You

by Silentbeads

She was by my side on my wedding day, beautifully dressed in a turquoise gown. She had a bigger place in my wedding and decided on so many things because she was a friend who had become more than a sister to me.

I moved to Accra when I had a job offer after being unemployed for over four years. I had nothing and couldn’t afford to rent a place. That was when I fell on Adjoa, a girl I’ve known for almost ten years. She gladly accepted and welcomed me into her home.

It was a year after my stay in Accra that I met George. I became friends with him and later he became my boyfriend. I still remember what Adjoa said when I introduced George to her as my boyfriend. She smiled and was acting all happy for meeting him. When George left she told me, “I don’t feel right about that guy. He looks like a player. Guys like these would only leave you after you give them sex.”

I jokingly asked her, “What I don’t give him sex?” We both laughed over it and moved on with our lives. George came around often to visit and he mostly met Adjoa around. They both grew on each other and became friends too. It made things easier. The two could pick a conversation and engage with each other even if I was not around.

I later rented a new place and moved out. George did a lot financially to help me get the place. Both of us wanted the privacy of our own. Plus, we had known and loved each other so much that we had started talking about marriage. So getting a place of our own was a way to start our journey to the altar.

The bond between me and Adjoa grew stronger after I moved out. She came to visit often and even stayed with me most weekends. One weekend, in the presence of George, I told Adjoa about our plans to get married. I remember how happy she was and how loudly she screamed in cheers; “I’m so happy for you guys. I can’t wait to be in my maid of honor dress.”

She indeed selected herself as the wedding planner that day and dictated the pace of my wedding plans all the way through until that morning when she stood by me and held the microphone to my lips so I could say; “I do.”  “What an honor done me by someone who is just a friend,” I thought to myself but little did I know there was a snake under my grass.

I and my husband had been away for one week on honeymoon. When we returned, I thought it wise to visit Adjoa to say thank you and catch up on things I’d missed while away. It was a happy moment for us two. We talked and talked and talked until there was nothing more to say. Adjoa went inside the bathroom to take her bath so she could leave with me on my way out. Immediately she went in, her phone started ringing.

The caller kept calling until Adjoa asked me to check who was calling. The caller’s name appeared as “Gee.” The call dropped and the phone’s screen got lit. There were a series of WhatsApp notifications on the screen. One of those messages caught my attention; “Kindly pick up, I would like to pass by quickly before going home. I don’t want her to suspect anything.”

I called George ‘Gee’ and Adjoa occasionally called him ‘Gee’ too. Gee was calling Adjoa’s phone. Gee had sent a haunting message to Adjoa. Who is this Gee? When Adjoa came from the bath and picked up her phone and saw who was calling, she gave me a guilty look. I picked up suspicion right from there.

I left Adjoa’s home as a CID on a mission. When I got home, I started looking for anything that would give me a clue. Nothing worked until he came home in the evening. He ate, bathed, watched some TV and pressed away his phone. Later he slept. That was when my investigative work resumed.

I went through his phone and surprisingly he hadn’t saved Adjoa’s number. Went through his Whatsapp chat, nothing. Message app too had nothing to show. I was giving up. Maybe he had deleted their chat history. And then an idea popped up. I Went to his WhatsApp again, and checked his archive, tadaa…there it was.

I spent over two hours reading their chats and taking screenshots of the key points. I didn’t want to miss a thing. though my heart was breaking. I felt like crying or screaming or even stabbing him while asleep but I kept my cool and did what was important. I cried a little. I must admit, it wasn’t little. I really cried my eyes out while he laid sleeping peacefully. It was not even a month into my marriage. I broke down.

When he woke up in the morning, I told him; “So last night I couldn’t sleep. I read your chat with Adjoa.” You could see he was shaken. He started looking around to find his phone. I told him again; “You’ve been doing this behind my back for over a year, how stupid I am not to have suspected.” Again he didn’t say anything. Only horror in his eyes.
“Your first sex happened while I was still living with her, how come? And it was Adjoa who suggested to you to rent a place for me so you both could have the freedom to do your things. How come? You said you wanted to marry her instead of me, why didn’t you go ahead? And you told her she was cleaner than I am that’s why you enjoyed sex with her, so why didn’t you leave me alone? And…and…and just the night after our wedding, you slept with her again. She asked if that was the goodbye sex and you told her “You would be stupid to let a woman like her go.” You love her that much why didn’t you leave me earlier and settle with her?”

He stood there looking into nothingness. He was visibly shaken. He couldn’t even look at my face. I kept repeating, “Say something George. You’re a man. Look at me and talk.” That was when I started breaking down. I couldn’t stand on my feet while reading back their chats to him. It felt like a bullet through my heart. He couldn’t say a word. He just stood like a lost child in front of me.

I sat on a chair and kept sobbing. “How do you expect us to go on after knowing all these?” I asked, Now he rushed to my side, and said “Please forgive me. I think the devil wants to come between us in this early stage of our marital journey. Kindly look at the face of God and forgive me.”
He tried holding me to make another point. I screamed; “If you dare touch me, you might have to kill me or I kill you. Don’t try it. I’m filthy. I’m not clean so why hold me?”

I don’t remember a lot of things that happened. I was totally broken and cried till my eyes started seeing rainbows. I left the house. I didn’t even know where I was going. I ended up in the house of another friend who was also part of my bridal train. I cried for about thirty minutes without saying a word. She kept wondering what was wrong. I told her my story and she nearly collapsed. She couldn’t believe it. She thought it was a dream.
I stayed with her until I could figure something out. I called Adjoa, she didn’t pick up. I knew she knew what had happened. Later she sent a long message trying to explain, or apologize or put the blame on the devil. Nothing she said made sense and she wasn’t picking my calls.

I went to her house and she locked the door. She was so ashamed to meet me. She only agreed to see me when I told her I would come to her office if she refuses to see me. That day when I met her, everything looked different. She looked like filth in my eyes. I only wanted to know how it started and why.

She kept saying it was the devil. She said she wasn’t herself. it was like some forces pushing her around. She told me how traumatized she was and how she had been thinking suicide. I wished she actually committed the suicide so I don’t get to see or know her existence.

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My husband ran to our pastor and told him everything and asked him to intercede on his behalf. Our families were called. And after long sermons and advice from various ends, they left me to decide. I said I wanted out of the marriage. They asked if I was sure and I repeated myself again. The pastor said I was speaking out of my hurt and pain and as such might make a decision I would regret in future so he granted us six-month separation to think things over. He suggested we came for counseling individually for the next six months and see what the lord will do.
It’s been five months now. I don’t know what the next month will bring but if you ask me to make a decision now, I’ll say “I WANT OUT!”


  1. Madam if you like yourself, kindly run away, that man dont deserve you.