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A Sister In Christ And My Crisis In Christ

by Silentbeads
Some years ago, I got fed with my waywardness and turned to Christ. It was through the help of a Christian sister who found me and showed care and brought me nearer to Christ. From the day she found me, she made me a sister, took me to church every day and pushed me into some societies in the church and through her help and influence, I was accepted in the church choir. I wasn’t the only one she had helped to find Christ. A lot of other ladies too, so we all called her Godmother though she was as young as we were.

She became my everything so I shared all my secrets with her. She encouraged me to forget about the past and forge ahead in the Christ who had become my salvation. We fasted. We attended conventions together. We sang together and did almost everything together.

Two years down the line, the pastor’s son returned from abroad and became part of our singing ministration. He didn’t have a great voice but he was so willing to sing. Mostly we teased him and made fun of his by-force singing. Not so long after joining the choir, I realized his special interest in things concerning me. He was always looking out for me. Days I wasn’t at practice he would call and ask why. Days I didn’t go to church, he would drive to my place and visit. One day he proposed. I told him he should allow me some time to pray about it.

I ran to my Godmother and told him what had transpired. I didn’t even finish telling her the story and she screamed, “I knew it. The holy ghost dropped it in my spirit long ago but I wanted to be sure. Sister, let’s pray and ask God for his guidance.” We fasted for three days and prayed ceaselessly. She would ask, “Have you heard the voice of the Lord?” Then I would answer, “No, he hasn’t said anything to me yet.” She would respond, “Let’s keep praying.”

As we were busily praying about it, the pastor’s son kept pushing me for answers and I kept postponing. Some weeks later, I realized his interest has waned. He stopped asking so I started getting worried. One evening after church, I ran to say yes to him but he looked uninterested. He later told me; “As I was praying about us, the Lord revealed to me that you don’t have a womb so I should be careful about my decision. So kindly allow me more time to seek the face of the Lord.”

That evening, I was shattered. It felt like something dear to me had been stolen. I cried and prayed while I walked home asking God to not let that be true. I called my Godmother and that night she ran to my side, comforted and prayed with me. The pastor’s son never mentioned the proposal again until he traveled back to Australia where he lived. That was the end of us.

After church one Sunday, I was approached by a gentleman who gave his name as Mike. He said, “Sister, I must admit, you have a special voice. I enjoyed the service today so much because of your singing prowess.” I thanked him and he handed his card to me. Just as we were about to go our separate ways, my Godmother joined. So I introduced Mike to her and told her what he just said. We all laughed and Mike went away. I showed her the card Mike gave me and she said, “He’s a big man. CEO of such a big business?” It was then I also looked at the card and read what was on it.

I got worried. Mike had met Godmother only once. How could he draw such a conclusion? And again, If Mike didn’t like my Godmother, how was I going to cope? Since he wouldn’t say anything further, I let it slide.

When we started preparing for our wedding, Mike told me to keep it as a secret from my Godmother. I objected, citing so many reasons why that was a bad idea. He insisted—he even begged me to keep it on the low until we finally announce it in church. I grudgingly obliged but what heightened my curiosity was why Mike wasn’t saying anything concrete to me. He only asked me to do things without giving me reasons but I kept pestering him until he told me to visit him one evening.

That was when he started playing a recording on his phone to me. He asked me, “Can you recognize the voice that’s speaking?” I answered, “That sounds like the voice of Godmother.” “Great!” He said. “Now keep quiet and listen very well.” The voice started saying a lot of things…

“You men usually cause your own downfall. You’re the reason why you face a lot of problems in marriages. You saw a woman singing beautifully in church and all of a sudden you’re in love with her. Do you know her very well? Do you know the kind of spirit that is after her? Do you know her background?

I started shivering. “No that couldn’t be my Godmother. Or she’s talking about something else?” Mike tapped me and shhh’d me.” The voice went on…

“You should have asked her why the pastor’s son ran away from her. Cecilia had committed two abortions and the last one nearly killed her. That was when she ran to the church for deliverance. When I told the pastor’s son this truth, he too thought I was lying until God revealed to him that the girl he was madly in love with doesn’t have a womb.”

At that moment, I thawed. It was like my spine had been removed from my body. I couldn’t sit and I couldn’t stand. I couldn’t believe my ears. I kept asking Mike; “Are you sure that’s Godmother speaking? Mike, tell me it’s not true. She can’t do that to me.” Mike responded, now you’ll believe me when I tell you to be careful of her?”

The voice kept playing; “When you gentlemen come around, you close your eyes on us the good women and run after damaged women. How can you have a happy marriage after you’ve chosen the wrong one?”

I was so broken to say anything but I thought that was the perfect opportunity for me to address some issues of my past. I told Mike, “Yeah it’s true. The last one nearly killed me because I made the wrong decision. When Godmother found me, I was totally broken so I gave her my all and told her everything. I’m not that girl that committed the abortion any longer. There could be future repercussions about my past but I’m a changed person now.”

Mike was as loving as he was warm. That night I knew he was made for me. He said, “If we all bring our past to the table, none of us will deserve each other. If I cared about what she said, I would have ran just like the pastor’s son. Let’s keep things going.”

The next day when I saw my Godmother, I wanted to hit her. I wanted to spit on her because she looked very filthy in my eyes. All the reverence and the high esteem I held for her disappeared. She sensed something was wrong so she asked, “It’s everything alright?” I said no. She asked again, “Is Mike showing any disinterest in you?” I smiled and said, “Oh sorry I didn’t tell you. Our wedding announcement would be on Sunday. We’ve been making plans long ago.”

Her demeanor changed immediately but she summoned hypocrisy and screamed, “Oh thank God. I’m happy for y….” “Hey hey hey shut up” I cut her short. “I know everything you’ve been doing behind me. You think I wouldn’t know? So you are the reason the pastor’s son left?” I started getting angry. She saw the rage in my eyes and started going back, “Don’t allow the devil to come between us.” She said. I asked her, “So why did you tell Mike all the secrets of my life? Why did you do that? You wanted him to leave me for you? You think you deserve better than I do because you’re God’s favorite?”

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She denied everything. She denied the voice. She denied telling the pastor’s son my secret. She even called Mike a devil sent to destroy us. I reported the issue to the pastor. Sent the voice recording to him and he was so shocked. He said, “Had it not been the voice, I wouldn’t have believed this. Your own Godmother treated you this way?” The pastor called on her severally but she didn’t show up. I guess she was too embarrassed to meet anyone. She later left the church.

I know where she is and the church she attends now but she’s no more important to me. What’s important to me now is how to keep my husband and our two-year-old daughter happy and fulfilled.

—Cecilia, Ghana


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