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BlackAxe Fraternity Songs, Insignia, Expressions and Orientations

The Neo black Movement of Africa, aka black axe according to it's members is a pan African organisation that seeks too promote peace and foster unity within the black race. The blackaxe confraternity has of late been crticised for violence as a result of recent cult clashes, populary called cult war.

On this post I am going to show you most of what the insignia and special expressions related with the blackaxe fraternity means.

Axe: The axe is the symbol of NBM. Because of its shape it is also referred to as "7". The often used code "147" means "one for seven" = one for (Black) Axe/NBM. Axes are also part of the regalia worn by members.
Black Axe: This is a metamorphosis of the first name of the movement "Black Barracards". The name was changed to "Black Axe" then finally Neo Black Movement, even though it remains the inofficial name. "Black Axe" also became the name of the magazine published by the movement. This again was changed to "Uhuru Magazine" later.
Axeman: Members of NBM refer to each other as axemen (or alternatively lord, bam, amigos, wise/strong men).
Lord: a graduate member.
Aye: a campus member, also known as "Temple Aye". Those are known for gang wars, cult killings and rape at Nigerian universities. The term "aye" is also used as a greeting among members. Aye is an abbreviation of "African Youth Empowerment".
Temple (T): Nigerian university where new cult members are recruited (see list below).
Murder Temple: often falsely called Mother Temple. It means the Futa Jallon Temple, aka University of Benin. The term refers to the crisis that occurred at the birth on NBM at the said university, the murder of one of the founders who turned out to be a traitor (see below).
Blending/Bamming: initiation into the cult. Bam is also used as an expression of approval ("you bam")
Jollification/Jolly: gathering of members (also for initiation), parties. There is talk about jus and virgins having been sacrificed at jollies.
LP ("Elpee"): Jolly song.

Zone: a local group of NBM. There are zones in Nigerian states and in many countries worldwide, often with subdivisions (see list below).
Ju/jew (name): someone who has not been initiated / real name.
Injew: member of a different cult group
Tingo/Bird: member of the Eiye confraternity (Airlords), the rival cult hated most by NBM (see below: cult wars)
Strong name (SN): name given at initiation, "Aye/Lord" plus usually the name of an African freedom fighter, dictator or terrorist, for example "Lord Muammar Gadhaffi". In all communications among members the strong name is used.
Clothing: Members of the confraternity have a uniform of sorts that consists of black, white and yellow clothing (black trousers, white shirt, yellow tie, yellow ribbon on cap) which symbolizes the following: Black signifies identification with the black race and the dignity thereof, white signifies peace and purity of mind and body, yellow signifies intellect. The color of the regalia depends on the rank of a member.
Uhuru: alleged goal of NBM, meaning “freedom” in Swahili.

Egede: Originally used for the greeting with the clash of forearms, more recently also used for drums.
Dodorima: Dodorima in Igbo language refers to honesty, straightforwardness, intelligence, hard working, etc. It has become the culture of NBM members to say, "Dodorima/Dodos to you". This entails praises and adoration given to a particular person based on something he did.
Orientation (OT): Knowledge about the "movement" or acquiring such knowledge.
Janet: Term used for punishment, especially beating with a cane or whip. According to NBM legend Janet was a girlfriend of one of the founders. She is said to have betrayed the "movement" and to have been beheaded for that reason like Charles Kokoma (see below).

Kokoma: drink containing various ingredients and drugs such as weed, kola nut, zobo leaf, alligator pepper, tomtom, panadol. It is prepared by the Chief Priest and used at initiation of new members. An oath is sworn with Kokoma: should the initiated member ever betray NBM, Kokoma is thought to squeeze life out of him. NBM legend also has it that a certain Charles Kokoma was one of the founders of NBM but betrayed the "movement" and was then beheaded by the others (even though this name does not appear on the official list of founders). Therefore beheading is today seen as the appropriate punishment for one who betrays the "movement" and leaks its secrets.
Korofo (Krf): “the cult of the underground” (Yoruba religion).Korofo is often referred to in NBM (“may Korofo squeeze the life out of them” / “Korofo on guard”)

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