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I think this married man stole my period...

Like my naija friends will say; nothing Musa nor go see for gate.

Please read this story
Good morning joro. Please don't judge me. I slept with a married man in June and now I've missed my period for 2 months. I have done pregnancy tests both blood and urine and they said I'm not pregnant.

I'm really scared I don't know what to do. Before I had sex with the man the first time I told him I was coming in my period soon and my vag might have a funny smell. He said he even likes that and that I'll be very wet because of my period.

When i told the man') first time he said it happens that women miss their periods like that. He now asked me when I'm expecting my next period in July and I told him. Then we had sex again some days to my period.

I missed my period again. I told this man and he told me same story. Now he asked me for August period and I told him and he booked for us to see before my period.

 I smell something fishy here, I think this man stole my period. Is it jazz or am I just missing my period because of stress?

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