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My boyfriend broke up because I asked him to wash his hands.. I added "Please"

A lady is at the point of losing her relationship over issues that has to do with hygiene in the bedroom.This story reminds me of when my ex boyfriend fingered me with a finger filled with pepper Baba ate Kpomo he didn't wash his hands...

I wanted to die that day I can't even cry cos if they should ask me Wetin I wan talk -..- Poster,You're not wrong jare He's a pig...only a dirty being will get annoyed when being told about something that has to do with good hygiene.

Good pm joro Joro my boyfriend just broke up with me just cause he wanted to finger me and I told him to please wash his hands first.joro I put "please" o.

He started swearing at me first saying I don't have good home training this that.he was even saying I'm not his class that he just wanted to manage me .chai,how I'm a wrong here now.just to be safe that why I told him to wash his hands before he stick them in me .

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He might have touched dirty things then he would na come and deposit them in me which could lead to infections.joro what should I do? should I call him and apologise or should I just forget it.

I need your followers opinion please .this is just our second month of dating and I love him alot .


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