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Vikings aka Aro-Mate capping and Orientation Download

On this thread on the capping and orientation of the supreme vikings confraternity aka Aro Mate i will be sharing some useful information on how the fraternity members communicate. Please note that members of this fraternity, popularly called baggers are very dangerous and violent and you should never use their
orientation if you are not a member.

Aro mate cappings below;

- The bagar u knw, the bagar u anchor.. wida wida we sail
- Capping say any man born in d backyard of a foolish man is son of a bastard

- aro rugged sailors

- Ship dat have sail fr 360 degree can never jas back...
#BELIVE Queens are meant for KINGS... Aro sail with your
99.9fm #ayepkwerere

- Odin once capped, go into the world and multiply, those who deserve to be king you crown them and those who deserve to be bastard u throw them over board, 4 our blood shall not cloth in our vain rather the blood of the 2 two, buccaneers, Eiyye, the axe men shall continue to flow like a sea for the Vikings ship to sail.So oooo........Bloody. Beast u all wosky German

- Odin - Vikings god. Who is odin?
Odin was a norse god... odin is the one eye rugged god who sacrificed his left eye for I and I to sail

- 48 and BST - Other fraternities or non frat members

- GF - A viking's links man into the fraternity

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