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Can't imagine My Husband li(king another girl too

Women and their many wahala, instead of you to yourself you have started thinking otherwise and "what if". A lady is feeling insecure because she's got a man who's headgame is topnotch and even takes his tongue to her behind. She wrote popular IG love doctor and stated her fears.

Please read;
"Joro more shoes to ur wardrobe, my husband is a gud Christian, we didn't really do much of sex during our courtship, 4months into our marriage hubby began the habit of licking my anVs during s3x.

Even on regular hours, he'll just kneel down and put his face there and begin to lick, he says it turns him on.

Its sweet oo cos it tickles, but I just find it funny how someone will be licking my nyash
Am I the only one he's doing it with?

How can make sure it's only our thing ? Between us. Can't imagine him licking another girl.
In her anVs.

Auntie ENJOY, but don't p00p in his mouth ooo

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