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God will provide a man like this for me

Awwn!! This is true love combined with patience and maturity, most men would have been avoiding her if they found themselves in such position.

Please read;
Hello Joro. Good morning.Hope you slept well? I went to spend time with my cousins house. She bed wets the bed. They tried to hide it but my amebo ways found out. And I used style to ask the house help.

She confirmed that madam bed wets not the kids. Apparently she has a medical condition or so. I later asked her and she told me. She told me her husband doesn't judge her, that he does the laundry of urine daily.

My point is this. He treats her so well and her husband sleeps on that same bed with her every night despite the bed wetting and smells. He wakes her up most times when she can't controls the Urine.

I just pray to God I will find a man like this who will love me despite my flaws. God will do it. Some men will say stretch marks and don't love their wife.

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