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He Wants Me To Follow Him To His Village To Go And Drink Water And Swear That I Haven't Cheated

Evening Joro, although I already know the answer to my question, I just felt this makes for an interesting read.

Been away from home for like 12 days now, travelled to another state for a course. Like 5 days into my trip my husband starts giving me silent treatment, I wasn't so bothered because "no be today".

10 days into, oga sent a barrage of message to me insinuating that 've cheated during my trip as evidenced by the fact that he's lost some business deals during this trip. 

Uncle's theory is that his family has a heritage that makes the male children suffer calamity whenever their spouses "whom they love and are faithful to" cheats on them (I wonder what happens to the one's they hate). 

No be say hin never tell me before marriage o, 've heard this multiple times and brushed it aside as people who don't take responsibilities for their problems but rather find someone to blame. 

The latest now is that my husband called today saying I should follow him to his village to go and drink water and swear that I haven't cheated. I have no problem swearing or drinking any village water o, cause I know I haven't cheated; my own is sha that I would inform my family members and one of them must follow me as witness, baba no gree.

Baba still never gree my first request o but after dropping call, another thought occured to me that I should tell him that we must test whatever water I'm to drink. I'm not saying my husband will poison me to proove his theory o, but one babalawo fit won form Van Damme and proove the prowess of his god by giving me concoction. If something happens now, no one would want to believe me and my enemies would see me as a cheat.

People of God, my question is, should I make my additional request? 


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