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I never knew my wife could do this; They've kissed!

There is a popular saying; "Reputation broken can sometimes be fixed, but the world would still set its eyes on the spot". It is better not to earn someone's trust than earn it, and then you end up losing it. Cheating on a partner isn't worth it for any reason.

This man is grieving and I feel his pains, read his story;

Dear Joro May God Bless you. My marriage is 6years old and we have 2 children. Recently I noticed a change in my wife's attitude towards me.

My wife's phone I locked somehow I got her password low and behold checking through her phone I discovered there is a new guy (married with kids too )in her office and my wife's likes the guy and she's throwing herself at him.

They've been exchanging romantic messages. They've kissed but from the chats they've not had sex. The guy wants to sleep with her but she's still drawing back.

I'm utterly disappointed in my wife. I do not plan to confront her now but I dont know if I'll be able to hold my anger. Mind you I've never cheated on this woman before. I do not know what to do.

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