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My Boyfriend eats a$sh**I* for Hours

There is nothing you will not find on IG when it comes to relationship stories and fetishes. This lady shared something strange about her boyfriend's interest when it comes to between the sheet actions.

Pls Read;
"My boyfriend gives too much oral s..x„I like oral s..x „but dis is getting out of hand„each time I go to see him„my boyfriend gives me head all thru d night„I would beg him to stop but he won'.

"I love him so much but I can't deal wit d oral anymore„I don't want to lose my relationship Nd I don't think I can deal wit dis in marriage.

"All he does is eat my ass, he can lick my asshole for hours. I mean it's sweet cos I cum over and over again but I am starting to get worried.

"He likes to eat it when I am back from the gym or back from work after a long day, he will beg me not to shower first so he can eat my ass, he says the sweaty smell turns him on.

"Guys is this normal? I am starting to get worried...

What are we not going to hear in this world?  Las Las everybody on this world is different... What seems strange to you can seem so cool to another person, so just enjoy your yansh eating and I hope it last.

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  1. It's your smell that turns him on but over night is too much

    1. The smell from that place can turn someone on?