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My father disgusts me

This is rather serious! How do you manage a situation this difficult? Could you actually tell your dad he needs to stop a bad attitude?

"Hello Uncle Joro,first time writing you but this isn't getting out of hands, my father has this bad habit of playing with his penis even in public ! I know some Of you would say 'can't I mind my business ?

No I can't , it's been goi on for too long, he doesn't wear boxers/pants, ALWAYS rubbing his private part while talking and he will use that same disgusting hand to tap you , he's my father I know, I don't know why my mother hasn't cautioned him yet cos it's embarrassing!

Or Is there any medical condition that can cause this ? Some might suggest STD's, No, it's not STD's, it been going on for years ! It's getting more disgusting

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