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Shocking Things dey happen for this Life

When I pickup my cell phone and go on IG, sometimes I expect to see stories that's hard to believe, I am not sure how best to describe these stories yet. Stories I can only believe would happen in my imaginations. How does a couple do this? With a stranger? Please read this guy's story as shared on IG by JORO;

"Joro more shoes to your warehouse. I want to share my strange experience last week. Things dey happen oo
Last Friday night I was at a club on the island. I met this beautiful woman. She should be in early 40s we got dancing after a while she got comfortable with me. While we were dancing she whisperer that she wants to discuss something with me. So we left for a quiet place.

She is married but she and her husband came to the club to look for a random guy she finds attractive and wants to fuck. I was shocked to my marrows but I acted as if it was not big deal. She gave me 3 conditions she will fVck me. 1. Her husband will be present 2. I must have a big d!ck. 3. We must do rapid HIV test.

I knew I was not down with it. I jokingly told her my d1ck is average sized and I asked her to give me few minutes to think about it. So I left to tell my guy who is more liberal and more endowed than me. The guy just burst laugh immediately and said he don fVVck married woman before. So I told him to come out and wait somewhere.

I went to meet the woman told her I am not interested but pointed at my friend who maybe interested she looked at him from afar and said he's ok too. So we walked towards him introduce him and left. After a while she came inside and left with a man presumably her husband. Na so my guy follow married woman and her husband go fVVck o.

On Saturday my guy gave me a lowdown of what happened.... kai things dey happen for this world. They went straight to a hotel. They all first did quick HIV test. The man and his wife first had s3x. Thereafter he had s3x with the woman 3 times infront of her husband. 
Two things the woman confessed this is the first time she is having an penetrative orgasm in a while and that his p3nis is very big and felt amazing. They gave him money he didn't disclose the amount. they've also called him for another night out this Friday or Saturday.


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