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Am pregnant for a broke married man.

Don't judge me please. A lot of us have slept with married men—Am a corper rounding up soon. Joro I met this man February this year. We met in tantalizer's Lekki. We got talking and all. Next thing we started having an affair. He is married.

He said his wife doesn't treat him well. I pity him and he seems cool. He sent me some money that very day we met. Big money. Joro that was the last time he sent me any big money. He will just buy
me occasional stuffs. 

He said his wife leaves in US. He took me to his house. The house was not for him. he borrow it. The house belong to his friend. He lives in Bariga side with his wife. His wife is a teacher there in bariga. He work as a hotel manager in lekki. 

He doesn't not even have a car Of his own. Now am pregnant. Am here for advice. Have aborted 3 times in my life. This will be my fourth He confused all to me. I almost slap him. He said I should keep the baby. 

But he is broke. Father of my child can't be broke. I found his wife IG from the school Instagram page. I want to tell her. 


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