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He Put Vaseline under my armpit and put his p3n!s there

Just might be this Guy wants it raw but afraid of diseases so he used the place he felt is best for him than down there but this girl propably took it for something else.

Read her story;
He fVck.ed my armpit
Joro. Hi. My friend introduced me to a guy. We got talking. Time for us to meet he said I should come to his place.

I went there. We went to have lunch close to his house in Lekki. Then we went back to his house.

Joro we started kissing. Joro Next thing he told me to sit down. He already had Vaseline beside him. He took off my bra. I was about to take off my pant. He said no.

Joro he Put Vaseline under my armpit and put his pen!s there.Then he closed my armpit. He started fcVk!ng my armpit. I was in shock. I just frooze.

He cum on my chest and leg. He cleaned me up. And we sat and watched tv. He called a cab and gave me 25k. Joro I'm confused. You can share but reply me too. What do you think?"

Fetishism is what it is called. It is a bit common (fetishism in general). Try to talk to people about it so you could free your mind of it. On the flip side, you might just like it.

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