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Help!!! My wife has a bad Vag odour

A married man seems to be in dilemma after he recently noticed some foul smell down south his wife's body. It's quite normal for the vag!.na to ooze once a while, but  before this man came out complaining, it means it is serious.


Good evening Joro,
Please keep me anonymous.
Since I and my wife got married in 2010, we have been doing 69 anytime we make love until we cum into each other's mouth.

But few months ago, I started perceiving a very strong bad odour oozing out of her vag anytime we want to do the 69.

Please could it be as a result of an infection? could she be having an affair? Please I'll be at the comment section incase any of your followers has a solution for smelling vag, thanks for the good work Joro.

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