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Husband finds chat of his wife sends nudes to her boyfriend. Breaks her fast in the process...

I do not get how people do things like this! Where is the loyalty? Have we really come to a point where we risk everything and prost!tute ourselves for a damn device???

Read this man's story;
"My God has forsaken me. What have I done ? "
"What makes me sad is the cheapening of iPhone to defile your body to a man. Because of a mobile device ? She uses Phone 8. So I do. We both bought it together. She has been telling me to get her a new phone. How can someone fasting do this ? Is it because of the phone ? Is my sex not good enough?

Doesn't she love me? What have I done wrong ?
Why has God forsaken me? Why? Why? My God. Why? I love her that's why I'm in pain. I actually love her. Good Evening Joro. I never knew I will write you. Ever in my life. But I am in a pain I can't describe. Let alone fathom.

I have been married for 6 years now. My wife put to bed in January this year. I would say our relationship is perfect. She has a job. So do 1.1 have a car. So does she. We are happy. At least I thought we were. Our children go to good schools.

This morning Joro. Something happened that changed the very fabric of my life forever. My wife left her phone at home and mistakenly took mine.She used called me and said I should keep the phone for her. From her tone she was scared or sounding somehow. She went out to buy material stuffs and food stuffs to cook. Because we're fasting.

We break fast at 3pm. I decided to try her password just to check what she is doing and why she is sounding scared on phone. I cook. I clean. I do everything needed of a man.
I tried her old password. And I got it. The date of birth of our son. Joro what I saw there was so damning. I don't understand. I attached the chats from today. She always clears them. This is a chat between a man she did not save his name. I am in pain. I did everything right in my power. My wife is having unprotected sex because of iPhone and sending nudes.

It took the grace of God for me not to beat her today. It took the grace of God. My God entered my mind. My God helped me. Her mother is calling me to beg. So is her sister and our spiritual father. Our spiritual father introduced me to her.

I'm crying and typing. My God why did you forsake me? Why? How can I hate or chase away the mother of your children. How can the mother of your children do this ?
She said it was a mistake ?
I asked how long she said just 2 weeks. I look Like a fool. We are fasting. What sort of Black heart.

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