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I Caught My Fiancee Sending N*des To Another Guy

It's so painful to see someone you love cheating, please forgive her and give your relationship a second chance. This story is touching, please read;

Bro goodmorning never thought I'll be sending this to you,couldn't sleep lastnight been shaking,the girl i thought was the love of my life.

I asked her to marry me earlier this month,we been dating for 2 years and 24 days. So yesterday very unusual of me i asked her for her phone just wanted to go through pictures and i went to her file with whatsapp sent pictures, mind you I didn't go through her whatsapp messages, I saw her send nudes of her breast with her face in it, i was about to go crazy.

Please i need someone to talk to going nuts,i practically had plans for us anytime we spoke or i pray i use Us.

I do things just to make her smile, i never want to see her frown or sad, push her to be better, l wanted to grow with he have never felt this way in my life.

I Can't tell anyone about this that my fiance sen nude not even my friends. I confronted her she denied at first twice,it wa. almost convincing after she admitted she lied again that it is not recent jaw dropped until i told her the pictures had time stamps.

l'm not bothered about the guy she sent it to but honestly have been a good lad,we agreed no sex till marriage this year been celibate because obviously its not right and i want do full blessings of marriage„can't even say the same about her now.

She has lost my trust bro below is attached pictures of me proposing.i need someone to talk to boss going nuts,never thought i will feel this way....water doesnt taste right at all even the air feels wrong..i loved her


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