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I think my boyfriend is having it with his mom

The rate things are going in this generation ehn, I am thinking we should apologize to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. Compared to this generation, they are saints.

This lady is terrified, I can feel it! Read her story;
"More shoes, more glasses Joro Joro I've been dating my boyfriend since I was 18 years. I'm 20 now. Joro my boyfriend says it's okay for our moms to sleep in their room.

Even if I'm there. One evening after purging I decided to go and tell my boyfriend I needed to go to the hospital. Joro he was sucking his mother's b00bs and she was moaning.

I almost killed myself today. I don't really want advice I just want to say Benue Boys are Wizards!!! Keep me anonymous I'm embarrassed"

All I can say is things are --- definitely happening, but let's not stereotype another tribe please. He and his Mama have their issues, not Benue boys


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