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I think my boyfriend uses d!ldo on himself

Like my fellow nairalanders would say, wetin adamu nor go see for gate?
What level of distrust is this? why not even ask your boyfriend instead of bringing it online?

Good afternoon. Dear Joro. Ever since my boyfriend saw my dildo. He laughed and said why do I need it.

I was gifted a bridal shower last year. I've used it only 2 times. But Joro It gets missing in the house. I find in the toilet and his side of the bed .

A day I saw a new battery there. I was like hmmmm. I always clean my d!ldo well. But of recent have been smelling feaces on it.

I keep wondering how shit gets there. I clean it and it smells of shit. I checked his pink and white boxes some had blood stains there.

I don't want to believe. Is it possible Am right ?

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