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I'm in a Sex triangle with my brother and my boyfriend

Hi Joro, more shoes to your closet. More suits to your wardrobe. I'm a woman of 27 years who just arrived from UK to see my boyfriend. We've been dating for 3 years.

This time we finally had marriage talks. But there's an issue joro, I've been sleeping with my brother since I was 16. My brother is married with 2 kids, I know it's wrong joro but nobody loves me like my brother.

I started was going o tell my boyfriend about it because I started feeling really guilty when he brought up marriage but I didn't have the mind to break his heart.

Today joro, he was in the shower and mistakenly left his phone unlocked and I decided to go through his pictures then he got a text saying his dick feels so good. Joro, I checked the phone number and it was my brother's.

Joro I am heartbroken because the man I'm supposed to marry is seeping with the man I love. Joro I know I sinned before but this is the height, I want to cut my relationship with both men because they're gay, sleeping with each other and sleeping with me but I'm scared my parents will find out the reason.

I still love my brother and I can't imagine how my parents would look at their only children right now. I don't know what to do Joro.

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