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My Boyfriend refuses to suck my toes

I had a girl with same fetish, i really enjoyed how she gets crazy when I suck her toes. Your boyfriend is just selfish if he's not willing to do what you enjoy. Read this story;

"Hi Joro,
I'm having an issue with my boyfriend and he follows you so I know he will see this.

I really like having my toes sucked during s3x, Anytime my ex boyfriend did it to me, it takes half my sense away and gets me really h0rny.

I have spoken with my boyfriend about it but he says he doesn't suck toes but he eats my ass instead, I like that too but i prefer he sucks my toes when I'm about to climax.

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Ladies, how do you convince your man to suck our toes?"

Someone dropped this comment: "Suck your toes kee you there. If your mama was busy doing all these. Would she have time to even conceive you??. All these kind of children are not gift from God, they are gifts from ikuku"


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