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My brother has been trying to Sleep with me

This is serious! A brother drooling over his sister?

Please read
Joro pls help me and share my story.pls hide my id too.my blood brother have been trying to rape me am sacred.

It started yesterday my mum was telling me he caught him one afternoon that i was sleeping that he came to my bed sat close to me bring out his d!ck and started looking at me and was masturbating.

Ha i cried, i felt cold,i now talk to my friend about it she told me that for my mum to tell me it is not the first time.i now asked the small girl sleeping close to me,she started crying that she have seen him twice in the night that he brought out his p3nis came to my back and was masturbating with it.

Last night i said i will catch him red handed he entered my room twice i saw him he ran away,he came in again trying to come close to me the stick i kept close to me i hit him with it.joro i don't know what to do pls i need advice on what to do.

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