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She doesn't want me to give her head

What will you not find on the internet? This guy, of all the problems we are facing in Naija, could this be your only problem?

Just read;
Good morning Joro, More blessings. I have an issue bothering me with my girlfriend. I like to give head and my girlfriend loves my head game.

In fact we do head more than we do the actual do. But of late my babe has been blocking me from giving her head. And this is really unusual because she's the one who begs for it.

EVery time I try is one excuse or the other. she first started with she just finished her period, before that she said her vag is smelling but bro I cannot smell anything down there .

She said sometimes only the owner of the vag can smell it. Is it possible that the owner of the Vagina can smell it and the outsider can't smell it ? Because I can't smell it.

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