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She Is a Lez, She said I Pushed Her Into It

A married man got the unexpected response from his wife when he asked her how she's been coping since they've not made love for over 8 months. He was forced to share his story, please read;

Good morning Joro,
Please I want you to give me an advice on what to do. I and my wife had not been sexually active since we got married because I enjoy masturbation more than sex. Sometimes we can stay up to 8months without even touching or kissing not to talk of sex.

So she asked me whether I've been having it outside and I said no, that I only masturbate anytime I feel like having sex.

Joro you won't believe this, when I equally asked my wife how she has been coping without sex for 8months. Joro my wife said she's a lesbian and that I pushed her into it because of my sexless relationship with her.

Joro please what should I do because I'm terribly heart broken for some days now, I can't even eat. The worst of this torment is that anytime she goes to her shop or goes to evening church service I'll be thinking that she's having sex with her lesbian partner.

I even threatened her that I'll report her to her parents and she said no problem that she'll also tell them that I don't touch her because of my masturbation.
Joro please what should I do?


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