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The Curse of An Angry Ex-girlfriend

It was two weeks into our budding relationship when we had sex. He looked at me and I looked back at him. He said, “Can we make this relationship work?” I answered, “If we both want it to work, then we have to work hard at it.”

Before that day, we both had shared stories of how the exes we had hurt us and how we thought we wouldn’t find love anymore. I asked him, “How long had it been since she left you?” He answered, “She hadn’t left completely. It’s kind of complicated but it wouldn’t be long till it’s over.”

I loved him so much I didn’t care that his ex was still hanging around. I trusted he would do the right thing and stay with me. Three years down the line, we got married. We made it simple because the most important thing to us was us and not the ceremony.

After marriage, I realized something peculiar. Sex was becoming difficult between us. Not that we both didn’t have the urge but anytime we tried, his penis wouldn’t get up. The shock of it all was that he would wake up each morning with a risen penis. Not only that. He could walk around with a very hard penis but immediately we decide on sex, it would fell flat. That isn’t normal, right?

We spoke about it. We got angry and fought about it. I got restless and worried. Most importantly, I feared for our future.

One evening he came to me with a confession. He said, “I’m beginning to suspect Dufie. It’s very likely she’s behind all these.” I asked, “Dufie? How does she come in? You ended with her long ago before we even thought about getting married so how does she come in?”

“The truth is we were still together,” he said. “She kept coming and going just like she was doing from the beginning but I had you so I didn’t take her seriously.”

I didn’t know whether to be angry or just hit him with something. The face with which he was telling me was even annoying. “So how and where does she come in?” I asked.

“When she found out that we were married, she sent me a long message threatening me with curses. I know that girl, she can do anything.”

I believed it because a doctor had told us some time ago that his condition wasn’t medical because everything about him was normal. The next step was for him to meet Dufie. He asked me to go with him but I refused. At this point, I felt betrayed and lied to.

The girl wouldn’t meet him. He called several times but she never picked. He sent a delegation to meet her. The girl denied knowing anything about it. But that same day she sent a text to my husband saying “This is just the beginning. Wait and you’ll see.”

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We’ve been married for eight months now and within this eight-month, I’ve seen my husband in all forms of emotions. He didn’t tell me but I know he’d visited some shrines hoping they could change things for him. I’ve seen him taking concoctions here and there but nothing works.

He’s now turned to pastors who give him very weird directions. He’s been fasting and he’s been praying about it but things still remain the same. I don’t know how long it’s going to be but I’m here waiting for him. I wish him well and I pray with him. It better be quick before I start getting frustrated.


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