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'Celibating' preek in this hot sun

This is the funniest shit I've seen today. hypocrisy sha.... I just hope you are as petty as I am so you can laugh at her so hard and let her cover her face in shame.. PLS READ BELOW;

"Joro. So my older sister that said she is celibate has been collecting preek and making me look like a sinner unworthy of Gods love. I just came home and saw her in the living room collecting Preeq.

She was sweating and making noise. She thought I was in school. Last week she argue on her life and our mothers life that she is not having s3x and won't have s3x. The thing weak me.

Am in level 400. 23 years o Joro and she is 26 a entry level staff. Why lie? Am ur sister for living sakes. It is funny to me sha.

I made sure they both saw me. I just want her to remove the curse she placed on our mother. Because she said if she has sex in the next 4 years our mother should die.

Our mother should die untop p3nis ? My God.It's funny. Aunty celibate haf cast. Can't wait to see her in the later tonight. let me hear the lie itk

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