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I Last 4mins, When I Cvm My GF looks At Me With Bad Eye

So you think a woman can cum on her own within 4minutes? Mr oga a woman can cum 5 times within 15minutes , provided you can hit the D-spot! And it's so unfortunate that many men don't even know where the D-SPOT is in a woman's thingy.

This Guy is so funny; read how he treats his lady;

"Bros Joro. Well done. I Enjoy ur page well. This spiritual issue of a lady who don't cu.m or orga$ms during s..x. My girlfriend, we have s..x. I do 4 minutes. Me I cum on my own. She no cum.

She go dey Look me bad eye like I offend. If I cum in 4 minutes why you no fit? Am not your problem.

Women go look you make you feel inferior to none. Me I cum . Why you no close your eye relax cum.

She say when I end n cum Na when she wan begin heat up. The sex thing wound my mind . I tire. If you no fit cum in 4 minutes as a woman then look into ur family lineage Na there the problem dey.

Not me. No be me. Am very well healthy. I no dey drink sugar. That look of disappointment Na him vex me.

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