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I Love Head And And I Give But He Doesn't Like Giving

Thi lady is hurting badly, but truth is; all fingers are not equal, some of us are meant to be givers, some of us receivers, while some are both. Pls Read

"Hi Joro. Hope ur gd?
Joro my issue is s..x related. I am in a new relationship. The relationship is 5 months old plus. I love s..x especially head. But this new guy doesn't like head.

My ex used to give me good head. He will spread my legs and just dine me like I'm dinner. I miss him but he moved to Holland.

This new guy doesn't like head at all. But he loves receives head. It makes me angry.The new guy is prefect in every single way this is my only issue.

Joro what can your audience recommend for me and also what can you personally advice me to do please because why will I give you head and you won't return it ?

I don't want to be in a relationship and not be happy."


If he doesn't give you head, stop giving him head! It should be mutual

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