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I thought being with someone with the same age as my father will give me peace but it is looking like an entrance to hell

Hello joro, more shoes pls hide my identity. I met this man 8months ago, he's been in the UK of 30yrs married to a south American woman and divorced after two kids. He's been divorced for 14yrs.

He moved to Nigeria and when I met him he's always listening to me like a father and along the line I fell in love with him. He's 56 while I'm 27.

 He told me he decided to come back and start a new life and business and also have a child here cos his children over there are already married and he can't force them to come to Nigeria. He said any woman he wants to marry will have to live with him so as to know her character because he really didn't get to live with his ex wife before they got married.

After one month I decided to move in with him and we started his business together and I'm always there to help him. I quit my job for him cos he said he can't allow me to be working that guys will be disturbing me but he will always give me whatever I want.

I have been with him for 7months now and first when I moved in our sex life was great. We do have sex like 4 times in a day but he's always saying all the Nigerian women he has met are always lazy in bed and I will have to get an assistance if I'm getting tired so easily.

At first I thought it was a joke but he kept on talking about me getting someone he can pay off for sex and I shouldn't worry he won't talk to them after. The pressure was much that one night we ended up coming back home with a hooker from club. He slept with her right beside me and pay her off the next morning.

When he was going to visit his children in UK, he came with another girl a night before he's traveling, paid her and when he was leaving the money he gave me was not even up to what he paid the girl and I am to monitor his business for two weeks while he's gone. He told me to take money from any sales I make so I didn't say anything else to him.

I went through his phone when he came back because I was suspecting him and I couldn't hold back my tears. I found out he's been dating a French woman who also lives in UK for 5yrs and she came to visit him in Nigeria just before I met him.

He didn't tell me any of this and for two weeks that he was over there if I call him on video call to even talk to him about his business he's always giving one excuse or the other or sometimes he will beg me and say his phone has been having issues not knowing that he was with the French woman who he has already introduced to his children.

I confront him about it and he got angry and was telling me he was waiting for the right time to know me better before telling me but he's not going to marry her and why did I check his phone. Now he now nag about everything, he want to change my sim card and stop me talking to my friends but he's still keeping that woman and still wanting to bring girls home to fuck and pay.

I have put too much energy in his business than what I have put in my own life and if I leave him now I will be the one to lose because all this time with him I was so plain to him so much that I give him every penny i make from his business and I wasn't even saving. Av met with his family here same way as the white woman.

He's always quarrelling with me each and every time I post pictures on Facebook and always saying there's someone somewhere crying because he's with me. He's always hiding his phone, so right now I don't even know what he is up to.

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