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I'm engaged to someone who hates s3x

Dear Joro. I'm engaged to a man but I still need to masturbate to stay happy sexually. I had a boyfriend that used to have sex like crazy, got me tired cause his crave for s3x is like 3 rounds before 24hrs run out almost everyday.

I only have breaks while on my period or while fasting, and even on my periods on more than two occasions he still had it with me using a condom, but he still cheats on me, which is why I left him, I can't be suffering sexually and emotionally.

Now I'm in a engaged to this guy, loves and takes care of me, but his sex game is weak joro. Uncle will have quickie today and will not touch me till like 6days later, den quickie again.
Once in a while he'll have mad s.x for more than 45minutes and then we are back to quickie and breaks.

I complained once and he said "it keeps d s3x game interesting so we don't get tired of s3x and i hates s..x anyways plus s..x is not my problem." Well money is not either so i don't get what the problem is.

Cheating is not in my system so I result to m.stvrbation, sometimes I put on a show of attitude hoping he'll get it. I'm s3x starved and I don't know what to do, cause uncle has proposed and out of love I said yes, but I can't marry him and be looking for s..x like this oo.

One time like that we only had s..x twice in a month. You can post, but I want your advice. Pls keep me anonymous.


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