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Joro I finally came during penetrative s..x

LOL  "joroolumofin wrote: Found this in my mail. My S3x Doctor Ministry is Growing... Happy for you Poster"

Hi Joro. Thank you. Good morning. I want to thank you for the sexual tips you gave me in April. You posted a book on s,x and I sent you a Snapchat and we chatted.

You gave me this heavenly tips. I recommended it to my boyfriend and he does it now. Thank you Joro. You can share on your page so ladies can be happy.

So my boyfriend penetrates me from the back after much fourplay and am wet, he will now put his hand on my cl!tor!s.

So the steps: 1- He's penetrating me from the back 2- He is Licking my ear and neck while in me 3-He is using this hand at the same time to stimulate my cl!tor!s while penetrating me.

Henceforth am been simultaneously satisfied with 3 senses. I have come 3 times now. 29 years of my life I have never come through s,x. Joro thank you for this. God Bless you.

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