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My boyfriend caught me cheating.

My boyfriend caught me cheating.
I am in dire need of an advise. My boyfriend caught me cheating awhile back with multiple guys. I am not proud of it so please don't judge me.

The night he found out he only asked if it was because of money or distance because we are in different States but I could not offer any explanation. I could only kneel and apologize.

He just went to bed afterwards. No shouting, insults or scolding. None at all. He just went to bed. The problem is that it's been more than a month and he has not even spoken about it since that night. Not even indirectly.

This is not normal. He was so unusually calm that night and a part of me is scared. The reaction I was expecting that night was different. Everything went back to normal just like that. We still talk and gist like nothing of the sort happened.

There is always an uneasiness I feel after every phonecall like he is taking me for a ride. I really feel bad about what happened and don't want to lose him. I really don't know what to do? Do you think he has forgiven me?


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