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She stole my Married man

Joro Evening as I am I am so angry betrayed and disgusted so sometimes In October I was outside campus buying suya this man came and made himself known to me.

I said hi we got acquainted he dinor lie he is married he was wearing his wedding ring. This my friend that is a cheap bastard n won't bare children in her life was there without thought she was a friend then this man gave me his card Joro.

I'm getting to hostel my the mans card misplace I scatter the whole room the card misplace I move on o Joro. I even forget I come across such a person. Joro today on way into campus now I saw my friend in the mans car laughing and all. I was shocked e? Pe bi ti bawo now ?

I confront her she said she met him another day and he is not the man I met I said ahnn ahnn am running mad to the extent I don't remember a face okay I saw let me ask the man she say no Joro this girl stole number and save and call this man before me I would have beat her press but I won't she should enjoy she is now begging I was wondering how she bought new iPhone and some stuffs first of all her boyfriend will know if it and know all the stuffs she does all the abortions she has done for other guys and I will show her God will be the judge this well.

Who can you trust now Someone I trust more than my sister Wonder what she has done in past to me

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