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Sleeping with my friend's boyfriend

"Good day Joro
More shoes to your closet, i am really confused and I don't know what to do from here and I can't talk to anybody.

I have been sleeping with my friends boyfriend, when I say friend I mean a very good friend of mine right from school more like my sister.

Her boy friend has been on my matter ever since, calls me, texts me, and also video calls me like often. We have been doing this so no one can know, I go to his house more often than his girl friend.

I really wanna stop but I have grown to like him so much that I find it difficult to stop. We fight like always because I want to stop but he doesn't want to stop because I guess he is enjoying it so much.

But my problem here is, when will it stop before we will be caught and I don't want to loss my relationship with my good friend for any reason.

Please Joro tell me how I can stop it. Post this so I can get reviews from audience, and remove my name"

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