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Guys why are you heartless?

Guys why are you heartless?
I've been dating this guy for almost 2 years, he had the honour of taking my virginity, I've been loyal like crazy.

I  never kissed or fc..ked anyone else since I started dating him but he on the other hand, places his cap on different ladies pu5sies and still comes to have s..x with me without protection(stupid of me I know, but my V reacts to c0ndoms, and i take total care of my V).

He has s..x, kisses, flirts with numerous girls and gives them high hopes, invites every fc..king Instagram girl to come over to his house. He even invited a girl to join him for a friend's wedding in owerri(paid her tfare and all to come all the way) but told me not to stress myself when I wanted to join him.

We looking at getting married, I love him and I know he loves me but he's being wicked, with this flirting life. Cause I don't see what I've done to love or deserve someone that lies with eyes open and flirts like a grade 1 Casanova.
. I'm really sad? Why are guys like this? What can i do? He's a check in all other things and I'm aware that this red flag can be worked on.


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