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I just became a Lesbian wife. Help!

Hello Joro, I am in my mid 20s. Something happened to me recently but before I tell you, I'd love to go over what happened prior to this event. Mid this year, I caught my Boyfriend of 3years having sex with his flat mate.

To be Frank, I've always suspected that girl and I told my Boyfriend that I don't subscribe to "white female roomie" but He said He was comfortable with it and that I am having a "low self esteem" and "pure jealousy" I also told m best friend and she asked me to "either forget it or move in with them." So, I acted matured and forgot about it.

The day I walked in on Them pants down, without a doubt has been the most haunting day of my life. Joro, what pained me the most was that they were having sex in my favorite position, on the couch I bought him for his birthday! and the girl had the mind to be moaning "babie."

My bestie had to come and pick me up from his house, cos I couldn't drive. So, we went for my bestie's colleague birthday party which was happening in a LESBIAN BAR and unfortunately for me, that's how my mundane desires began spiralling. I wanted to get so drunk and just have one night stand. I couldn't just take it after the drinks I've already had, I stood up and went out for fresh air, and this very beautiful lady, who had been staring at me all night, followed me into the alley.

When I confronted her, she said she wanted to make sure that I wasn't about to commit suicide, since I looked miserable. So, we started talking and strolling. It happened so fast but the next thing she did, I hated/loved it. She kissed me and I returned the kiss. We just made out on the street and had some people whistling at us. When she gave me her card as we returned to the bar, I tore it up because I didn't want anything more.

 I got another job and moved to another City. To be truthful, I never stopped thinking about that lady and I never told my Bestie what happened. I realised that I wanted more, but I've already torn up her card out of stupidity and I don't even know her name.

I've already worked for 3months in my new firm before they made an appointment for me to meet with the new CEO. I was already dreading of meeting whoever the new CEO is and when I entered the office, it happened that it was this lady I met at the bar. Now, all I started doing in my mind was to type my "Resignation letter" because I can't deal with drama at my work place.

When she saw me, Joro, She just looked at me with shock, gave me her card again and asked me to come to her house for dinner and also asked me to leave her office. I couldn't tell if she was mad at me or not because she kept a straight face.
To be Frank, I love this new job of mine, I get paid very well and they gave me an official company-fuelled car and I wasn't about to lose it just because of a stupid kiss.

I had to come clean and tell my Bestie everything and she advised Me to dress sexy since she already liked me, and if it goes well, I might get promoted within months and all the benefits... since I already kissed her and didn't regret it, after all.

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