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Is this a common thing with Nigerian women

I just read your post about a girl telling a guy that he wasn't persistent enough to have s,3x with her. I had similar experience. I live in Chicago, never dated a Nigerian lady before though I'm Nigerian from Lagos.

I met this chick at a grocery store which is rare, we spoke for like 2 weeks, had good conversation before we went on a date. I dropped her off at her apartment after the date and she invited me into to her apartment (which is code for let's hook up in America after a successful date).

We started making out, she told me to stop and I did. I later went home only for her to text me this.
"Today :1,19 Pm
I'm kind of disappointed in you
We were making out, I said stop and you just stopped like that. You couldn't even persist and try to talk me into having sex. I really wanted to do it but I was just testing how much you wanted me and you failed the test.
Sometimes when a girl says no she might mean yes. You wouldn't expect me to give myself up cheaply"

Is this a common thing with Nigerian women (asking your followers)? She just moved here last year. Please post


  1. Dude you took it too far.You didn't have to insult her like that or cut her off because she allowed herself to be vulnerable to you.All women have insecurities with a new guy.She expressed hers and you ripped into her.Guy you need to know how a woman thinks and be gentle even when you are correcting them

    1. how would you have reacted?

    2. You don't seem to understand what he's trying to say i.e.if a lady says NO in a situation like this can't try to interpret it as though she meant YES. According to the rules in the USA that is considered rape unlike in Nigeria where you the guy have to read between the lines and figure it out or play psychic all because the lady's playing mind games.