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My uk based boyfriend likes and wants an..l from me I'm scared

This lady doesn't want to be analised! please help her out!
More shoes to your wardrobe sir! I'm so worried my boyfriend based in uk wants anal. I know he dated a lot of white ladies and now he is ready to settle down.

He wants marriage as soon as he return in February and tells me how much he likes anal despite my tight pussy. He is coming back with anal oil to disvirgin me.

I'm losing my mind. How do I make him stop He spends a lot on me but I don't want to be analised.
Last time we met, he sucked my anal hole so nicely I came twice but I didn't have this anal penetration in mind.

He told me he was only saving my anal for my engagement night, . Joro please help! Should I be excited or worried. I've been watching anal p0.rn lately and I'm not finding any funny.
Please hide my identity.

He has spent much on you but you don't want to be ANALISED!! You must be ANALISED 000 so better keep that ANUS in good shape Warris dat?

A user with the handle @emperialnneka wrote:  Hello Ma'am, if you don't want to be `analised'(whatever the hell that means) tell him biko. It's not by force. I understand compromise but not to the detriment of my anal. There are so many exciting sex routines that I feel I can try out but you see anal? It's never one of them.

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