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Sperm swallowing; They beat me and were shouting vomit the sperm

Joro, since I read the story from the lady that her friend swallowed sperm and was embarrassed I have been thinking about my life, where I was 2yrs ago and how it turned out for me. I grew up in UK but now studying in Cape Town.

I've been exposed to s3x since I was 15 and I mean actively because of the environment I grew up in. Sex to me is fun and I enjoy it but never exchanged sex for money or expect to get anything in return. Just 2 people having fun. I'm well taken care of by parents.

I attended a Nigerian function late 2017. met a guy. Good looking, expensive watch, nice shoes and well kept. We exchanged contacts and I drove to his place the next day with the intention of fvck1ng the hell out of him. When I got there, I met his friends and they all looked nice. We went into his room and all started as it should.

I gave him the best bl0wj0b and he came in my mouth so I swallowed it and hell fell on me. He shouted, slapped me, held my neck and asked me to vomit his destiny.

He opened the door while I was n2ked. His friends were ready to beat me up and all of them were shouting vomit the sperm pressing my body and molesting me. Joro, it was terrible experience. I finally vomited and ran to my car half naked and this guy (my now fiance) drove by and stopped to ask if I'm okay. I couldn't say anything but cry. The guys upstairs walked towards me shouting bitch, ashawo and all sort of names but my now fiance stepped out of the car, stopped them from coming close and asked what they wanted from me.

I was blacked out and all I heard was that that girl na bitch she swallow his destiny blah blah blah. Long story short, my life changed from that day. The incident gave me my companion. I was scared many times because of the way we met but he will assure me again and again. He never asked or spoke about the situation. He made me realize all I needed is intimacy and not sex. He talks to me, listen to me, do things with me. I smoke weed, he doesn't but he will seat with me. He gave me is password long ago and never changed it even though I couldn't give him mine and he never requested. Yes, he is handsome, workout regularly with nice athletic sharp, educated educated with promising career, not rich but comfortable enough to own a decent car, apartment of his own unlike many Nigerians living in this city with fake life.

Many of them are not documented but drives Benz while 10 of them live in a 3bed flat doing illegal stuff. He proposed to me, I met his sister when she visited earlier this year and I'm friend with many of his colleagues. Joro, he changed my life and I'm a better person. Many of his Nigerian friends knows my story because he was living in the same area with those stupid guys (a very big Nigerian community) but he never for a moment made me feel insecure or embarrassed. I feel so bad for the teenage me.

I've fvcked people in the past that doesn't worth it. I know some readers will have questions about him. Don't worry, we have our ups and downs. Even if we don't end up married, I'll be a better person for the next person.

We fight and argue but he thought me the power of communication and many more. Please conceal my information and thank you for this platform.

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