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He gave me a head on my menses today

Hello Joro. I went to like a bf friend of my this morning. I started my menses yesterday I told him am not ready for s3x and am On my menses he was more ginger for me to come.

I went to his place at 7am this morning Because am working late today We started kissing and he try to remove my pant but I told him am on my menses and he said he don't mind it.

He put this kind of black curtain under my leg and pull my pant he started to give me head I was feeling funny because the blood from the menses is a lot but I enjoy it.

I am feeling somehow a combination of happy and maybe he his a ritual kind of a person Am at work now and my mind is still there.

The way he grab my ass and did it he even wanted eye contact but I refuse cus am shy


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