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I have sinned before God but my side chick helped my life when my wife didn't.

Hi Joro, Hello Audience. I lost my job December 2018. My wife became a demon and monster in my household. She stopped cooking for me. She always insulted me verbally. She didn't respect me.

She refused me sex. She talk to me anyhow in front of our children and friends. I pleaded with her to support a business idea I have  and she turned it down and laughed that who wants to invest in dog business in Nigeria.

I looked at my baby darling wife turn from a caring woman to wicked mean machine. My daughter 5 years old once asked why does mommy hate you so much a Joro women and money are truly twins.

When I become broke my wife was done with me.
My wife will cook very little portions of food so I can't eat out of it. I started eating bread,

Noodles and biscuit like I was a bachelor.

My wife will insult me that how can I get an erection and be broke. I felt worthless I started drinking again. On the faithful day I went out with a friend of mine to night club.

I met this 24 years old girl. We connected instantly and even had sex that night at my friends place. Yes I sinned before God but God led me here.

She asked to watch movies on my laptop and stumbled into my dog business proposal I told her about it and she said she can get her father to give me money for it I was so excited.

I even went home to tell my wife she just laughed at me My new girlfriends dad funded my idea and Joro by August last year I had 3 big companies and foreign companies patronizing me. I travel to UK 4 times last year. I am a manufacturer of dog Food and Joro business is good. God is great!

My wife suddenly become so loving again and asked us to seek counseling with a pastor. She will cook big meat and food, while I'm sleeping she will start sucking my dick and nipples.

My wife who said when I was broke she will never have another child with me started trying to get pregnant again. When I was broke she will always throw condom to me so disrespectfully but now she wanted unprotected sex. Which now lead to my wife being pregnant. I know that child is for me but my wife wants to use baby to trap me.

On the other hand I am In love with my new girlfriend who treated me like I was somebody when no one regarded me. I love her and she wants to marry me. I am confused because of my children. Do I start my new life with this young pretty girl or make things work with my wife ? Because I love my children and I don't want my new born baby to grow up without knowing me

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