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I was fingered by my sisters husband

KEEP ME ANONYMOUS. Hello Joro. I don't know what to do. I'm 21 years old. I'm a man. I'm a guy. I'm a boy. Before people get confused.

Yesterday night I was invited out by my sisters husband. We were about 5 of us. We went out to the club. I noticed he kept trying to get me drunk. Only me. But I'm not a light drinker. Around 4am on our way back home. We both sat at the back with his friend.

I believe his friend is gay too. His driver was driving. I was kind of drunk. Next thing I know he was trying to remove my belt. He removed it half way. Everyone in the car was asleep I guess.

Next I felt his finger in my bum and he was licking my ear I woke up and screamed and pushed him away. He said did I have a bad dream? I couldn't sleep and I haven't slept. I want to tell my sister what he did but she loves him so much he basically controls her.

I want to tell my parents what he did. How can I expose him. I need backup before I confront my sister. Because I know he will be telling her that it was me who was trying to finger him. He is a master manipulator and liar.

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I can wound this bastard for what he did. Guy bastard. He won't get away with this I swear it.


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